I’m looking forward to posting about how we came to be foster parents. But first, here’s a little bit about who we are.

Me – Learning to live my new identity as a foster mom while not a “regular” mom. Catholic from birth. Speech therapist by training, writer in my dreams. Bilingual, bi-cultural (Latin American/American). Obsessive researcher of [anything that catches my fancy]. Loves: kids, ice cream, the library, indie movies, and family. Has Type A stress but no Type A skills.

My husband, let’s call him W. – Natural at this parenting thing!, Catholic convert (of his own accord). American who speaks pretty good Spanish when I make him! Knows a thing or two about the intersection of race/class/culture/opportunity, by training and by his heart’s passion for justice and equity. My love.

Here’s a short poem I wrote about how we complement each other. Is it clear who’s getting the most out of this marriage?

Dark and stormy,

send it in.

I bring you rain,

the hail, the wind.

But you are light,

the trees, the breeze.

Bring in your sun,

and we’ll turn the world around.

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